Now That’s a Kodak Moment … by M.B.

Nowadays, if you stumble across a Kodak moment, you take your Smartphone out and take a photograph. Yes, it’s that easy! When you only had 24 shots left for your 1-week holiday, well, let’s say rationalizing that was a totally different process than it is today. Other than the difficult decision you had to make when choosing the perfect spot to use up one of your 24 shots, you had to find the perfect album in which to display your photographs and present them to your friends and family.

Since then, digital cameras have made taking great pictures so much easier. With the ever changing and advancements in technology the cameras are getting better and better. Space is no longer an issue due to memory cards and the quality is much better.

   A few years ago, pictures had a very different character. Their main purpose was keeping a memory. People were not so keen on showing their pictures to everyone because there was a belief that they were intimate and supposed to be shared with friends or close acquaintances. Tough many people still feel the same way nowadays, there has been a lot of change going on regarding how people prefer presenting themselves to others and the way they use photos to do it.

…And along came Social Media

      Most of the Social Media web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ give you the opportunity to share pictures. People join these sites for personal and professional reasons as well. Learning to market yourself on the Social Media sites may help you advance in your personal life but also in your business. Most of the users choose a representative profile picture to show who they are and some even like sharing albums of all sorts.

Let’s take a look at the common user. Usually this user chooses a profile picture with his own image or sometimes it might also be something he is interested in OR something he wants people to BELIEVE HE IS INTERESTED IN. This brings us to another point: The choice of photos can reveal a lot about a certain person. It is a fact that our online selves and our online profile are not the same thing. They may be very similar but they can also be totally different. Since our picture is the first thing people stumble upon when searching for our profiles, there seems to be a lot of turmoil in choosing the perfect picture to display. Why do people actually do that?

They customize and market themselves in Social Media websites as if they were, well, a product.         Does this actually help? Sometimes it probably does. Since first impressions do count when making personality judgments, after all a picture on a profile can also count as a first impression. How do we know how much of that is actually true? It’s difficult when it comes to a common user and you probably cannot be sure when it comes to photos of different products and brands. Then why do we bother? Is it so important to display the best version of yourself? It seems as if the saying “Be the best you can be!” has gone in a weird direction. One might argue that if you are prepared to present yourself differently just for an event (dress up, style yourself) than is it wrong to show a different side of you in photos on social sites? I guess it is not so different, tough I do believe “Honesty is the best policy” and marketing yourself in an altered way might cause problems later on when you have to be that person you claim to be.

Photos become viral too.

             Another point that changed in photography is their speed of travel. Taking the picture has become as easy as uploading and sharing it. Social Media definitely made a difference in how people share different thing among themselves such as quotes, ideas, videos and also photographs.

    People do not just create viral videos – they also create viral photos. These are usually powerful images (after a natural disaster, in wartime etc.), celebrations (royal wedding) but can also be humorous images. Web-sites are actually keeping account of such viral photos; you can often find sections called “Best viral photos of 2011”[1] or “Top viral photos of the week”[2]

Some pictures you might be able to predict they are going to go viral, however the Internet is full of surprises and you might now know what people will do with a picture or product you uploaded and what way that is going to go.




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