Social Media Usage on Smartphones – A Study on Facebook Traffic by W.B.


In this article I am not going to write about how Social Media brought change to Society, because I feel that that is somewhat widely known and also too big of a topic for this article.

What I will try to do is to give an overview of how Smartphones are used in Social Media, based on an article on the topic published in 2011 at USP, São Carlos, Brazil. [1]

The paper presents a technique for measurement of action between users in the social network „Facebook“ and some useful examples of collected data. The measurement specializes on what type of action is performed and if it „symmetrical“, meaning that both users (e.g. the one reading a comment and the one that has been writing it) take action, as opposed to just one user is active and the other one receives passively, which would characterize an „asymmetrical“ action.

Why Facebook?

I chose a paper focusing on Facebook because it is obviously the biggest social network and it also provides useful data to analyze. For example a measured action on twitter would always be of the type „text“ an of course always be highly asymmetrical. Furthermore users have the option to post all sorts of multimedia content like photos, videos an links and interact directly with it (e.g. to share or like a picture), which makes for highly interesting data to analyze.

Fig.1: Medias as Social Stimulus

The findings

The picture above shows how much different types of actions act as a social stimulus meaning they create symmetrical actions between users. I find it interesting that status (which sums up text messages or other type of post provided by Facebook applications, for example, an application to identify the localization of user in a city, climatic conditions of the location where the user is, or an other type of Facebook smartphone users’ applications) is not much further ahead.

Most of you, my alleged readers, have already had the chance to collect lots of experience on Facebook, so you probably know what I mean. Everyday when I log on I see at least two people that changed their status and at least 5 other people that liked it.

Also the article explains that Smartphone users are more involved in actions of the type „status“, which probably means that on „traditional“ stationary Computers other types of actions may supersede them, although I cannot find statistics on the topic.


I personally think that in the future Social Media Usage will be primarily through Smartphones and similar devices, like some already planned tablet/smartphone combinations.

On one hand the marked for those handheld devices is vastly growing and on the other hand Social Media developers, especially Facebook, are adapting the whole portal for better Smartphone usage as well as the Smartphone Apps themself.

With better Smartphone integration and bigger displays, I think that actions of the type „photo“ and „video“ will get increasingly more popular and thus be a social stimulus.

Closing Words or Dear Readers!

I hope I didn´t bore you to death, for I know it is a somewhat dry topic, but I found the paper itself to be informative, even a little entertaining and hope you felt the same for this article.





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