“Hey bitch, as soon as I find you, you´ll have it rough. Nobody wants you here….”found in a certain youth Magazine. A 17-year-old girl has been receiving messages like these several times a day over a period of Months. Whoever is sending them remains unknown, she receives them in an Internet chat room. Hmmm, […]

  You know this feeling when you randomly find a very moving song and you just have to share it with someone? So what to do? Here are two possible scenarios. One: Make plenty of copies. Don‘t be too lazy. Get out. Knock on doors of friends and family and simply give it out to […]

  Like almost everybody else you have probably already heard the words “Turn off the computer now! It’s time for bed!” at some point. And like most people you probably didn’t do how you’d been told. “Just a minute!” Just another minute which usually turns into an hour or more. But it’s okay because everybody’s […]

  Viral videos have become an omnipresent part of our daily culture. A look at most social platforms will assure you – they are literally everywhere. There is no escape. And as a matter of fact this might be the only characteristic trait they all share: To be called ‘viral videos’ they have to be […]

  When I leave the house in the morning, the first thing I check is that I have my phone with me. It’s not my keys nor my wallet, but my phone that I’m worried most about forgetting. My cell phone has become my lifeline in a lot of ways and I know I am […]

  With the rise of computers and the Internet and thus digital ways to distribute music, came piracy. People are less likely to spend money on music, if they can choose to get it for free, even if it is illegal. Some optimists think that the feeling of holding a CD or vinyl in your […]

  Social media, considered one of the most progressive and effective tools in the last years, affects and attracts more and more participants. People exchange opinions, criticize, and follow a wide range of posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so forth. When it comes to politics and above all, to democratic impulses, we tend to […]